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LCC Foundation

Committed to universities, companies and everyone who has an appetite for the future.

What does the LCC Foundation do?

The LCC Foundation acts as a hinge between the university partners, the students and the local partners in the district of Kronach (e.g. companies, schools, population, associations). The LCC Foundation is a multiplier of regional needs and actively establishes a knowledge transfer. In doing so, the LCC Foundation acts as an independent educational platform that enables needs-based education for all: from academic to school and vocational to private education. In addition to the courses of study, the LCC Foundation also enables the implementation of various projects via facilities such as the KI-Hub Kronach or the LCC FabLab, so that the transfer of knowledge goes hand in hand with tangible results.

Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Foundation BoardMr. Jens Korn
Deputy Chairman of the Foundation BoardMr. Rudolf Kotschenreuther
Members of the Foundation BoardMs. Carletta Heinz
Ms. Jenny Heyder
Mr. Klaus Löffler
Ms. Edith Memmel
Mr. Markus Österlein
Ms. Annette Schneider
Mr. Jörg Schrepfer
Mr. Oliver Skall
Mr. Harry Weiß
Mr. Stefan Wicklein
Mr. Nikolaus Wiegand
Foundation BoardMr. Hans Rebhan
Deputy Chairman of the Foundation BoardProf. Dr. Tobias Bocklet


Student concerns

The LCC Foundation takes care of student concerns and is the first point of contact for the SV Kronach. Through a regular exchange, the LCC Foundation enables students to actively participate in shaping the LCC.

Donate and endow

As a supporter of education and student life, your donation supports not only the Lucas-Cranach-Campus Foundation, but the entire Kronach district. Get involved in the future of Kronach! Become a donor or benefactor and make an active contribution. With every support you provide, the possibilities of the Lucas-Cranach-Campus Foundation grow.

You can support the foundation by making an endowment to the foundation's capital and by donating to a project. For both a donation and an endowment, you will receive a deductible donation receipt from us for the tax office.


Endowments are included in the foundation's assets. Only the income from such endowments may be used to fulfill the foundation's purpose. A sub-foundation may be earmarked or non-earmarked. Endowments that are not earmarked for a specific purpose are included in the foundation's general assets. However, a founder can also specify that his or her sub-foundation is to be used for a specific purpose (education, science, culture and/or honorary work). Endowments must be expressly designated as such by the donor when they are transferred or handed over.


Donations accrue to the current budget and must be used promptly. Donations can also be made for a specific purpose. In this case, the donor can select a specific project of the foundation or a specific purpose of support (education, science). Possible donation purposes at the foundation can be e.g. support for students, scholarships, etc.

Celebrate while raising other concerns

Pausing in everyday life at the birth of a child, a wedding, an important anniversary or even the death of a relative. These stations are always an occasion to think of other people as well. If you don't want to collect gifts for yourself, but donations/endowments for a good cause, you help other people in your own personal joy or also need and in coping with important tasks. Start your own campaign "Donations instead of gifts". In doing so, you help others and the shared joy becomes multiple joy.


How do I proceed?

If you ask for a donation or endowment in an invitation or a funeral letter, please indicate one of the Foundation's account details. Upon receipt of the donation or endowment, donors will of course receive a deductible donation receipt for the tax office.

Bank details
Lucas-Cranach-Campus Foundation
Sparkasse Kulmbach-Kronach
IBAN: DE60 7715 0000 0101 8263 45

Your contact person

Hans Rebhan