Courageous - With - Do

The LCC introduces itself

What does the LCC stand for, what do municipal companies and the foundation do?

Educational platform for all

The LCC is an independently operating educational platform for all: Here, different partners can offer education for different target groups. It is important that the educational offerings fit the regional needs in the Kronach district. Accordingly, in addition to academic education, the LCC is also active in continuing vocational education (e.g., certificate course in digitization) and in supporting school education (e.g., LCC FabLab, student seminars).


The LCC enables people and organizations (companies, associations, schools) to put their projects into practice. This can be, for example, a research project, a study, the path to self-employment or a cultural event. The LCC offers a platform to all those who want to courageously join in and bring our region forward with fresh ideas.

In particular, the LCC Foundation acts as a multiplier of the regional needs of companies as well as public institutions and thus becomes an enabler for the university's commitment to education and research in the district of Kronach. For its part, the LCC municipal enterprise creates the infrastructural basis for this (e.g. teaching and research facilities, business premises).

Two organizations, one spirit

The LCC is a true community project. For this purpose, there is the LCC Kommunalunternehmen, which takes care of the infrastructure (e.g. teaching rooms, apartments). In addition, there is the LCC Foundation, which fulfills a hinge function between university partners and partners in the region (e.g. companies, associations, schools). For both organizations, the LCC motto applies: Courageous - With - Doing.

Regional development

Together, LCC Kommunalunternehmen and LCC Stiftung are working with many partners to sustainably increase the future viability of the Kronach district. For example, the LCC Kommunalunternehmen converts existing vacancies into university space or modern residential and commercial premises. In addition, the LCC Kommunalunternehmen operates subsidized housing construction and redesigns public spaces (e.g. Hussitenplatz) and rooms (e.g. LCC FabLab) for the benefit of the entire population. The LCC Foundation facilitates the all-important transfer of knowledge between universities, students and companies.

Our vision

The city is the campus, the campus is the city

In the coming years, the Lucas Cranach Campus will become a county-wide meeting place where people work, study and live together openly and in partnership. The charisma of the Lucas Cranach Campus will have a positive impact on the entire region, thus ensuring its economic and social relevance in a variety of ways.

Our basic understanding

Courageous - With - Do

At the Lucas Cranach Campus, everything revolves around the guiding principle: Courageous - With - Doing. This means being courageous, daring to try something new, being open to new ideas - shaping things together and turning visions into reality. A district, several universities and courses of study, an increasing number of students, many companies as well as organizations and associations - at the Lucas-Cranach-Campus, everyone comes together who wants to be courageous and break new ground together.
At the Lucas-Cranach-Campus, people dare to do something for themselves and others, go forward courageously
, and take others with them - that is the LCC spirit!

Our values


The LCC has confidence in itself and in others. To do this, we also tread unusual paths, leaving well-trodden paths aside. Only if we are open to new things can we actively shape the future.



The LCC acts as a platform that enables others to implement their own ideas. Only together can the vision of the LCC as a holistic regional development project become reality.

Practical relevance

In teaching, we promote the exchange between companies, universities and students in the form of cooperation. In action, we support the regional economy as well as other organizations (e.g. associations, schools). We tackle together.


Here are some of the most common questions and appropriate answers about LCC. If your question is not included, just drop us a line and we'll find the answer for you.

Our cooperation partners have the possibility to post jobs on our portal at any time. You can find possible jobs here or on the bulletin boards of the study programs directly in the university rooms.

Job exchange


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A lot has already happened since the first idea of "Kronach as a university location" until today. It's been a long road that has been followed with a clear plan from the very beginning. Take a look at the path LCC has already traveled and what is still to come in the coming years.

Origin and development


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The LCC Foundation thrives on voluntary commitment. Only in this way is it possible to fulfill the diverse tasks. You can support us in the FabLab, help at events, 

LCC Foundation


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There is a lot to do at our company - you can find job openings on our job exchange.

Job exchange


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The LCC thrives on a spirit of partnership. Everyone is burning to work for the common university location Kronach as well as for the district and to make sure that the beautiful things are also seen. Together we tackle the task.

LCC introduces itself


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Companies can get involved in a variety of ways: Through lectures in courses, projects with students, joint research projects, donations, sponsoring events, company tours.... There are no limits to your creativity at LCC. Contact the LCC Foundation staff directly and develop ideas for collaboration together.

LCC Foundation


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Yes, the LCC portfolio also includes office and commercial space as well as rooms for the catering trade. Of course, the offer changes over time, so it is worth taking a regular look at the corresponding offers.

Residential and commercial space


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The LCC Municipal Enterprise has entered into subsidized housing to provide housing for all and to sustainably enhance the attractiveness of the county. Accordingly, there is also housing for the general public.


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Das LCC Kommunalunternehmen ist zuständig für die Infrastruktur unserer Hochschulpartner sowie den geförderten Wohnungsbau. Die LCC Stiftung ist Ermöglicher für die verschiedenen Partner des LCC: Hochschulen, Studierende, Unternehmen und Vereine.

LCC stellt sich vor

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