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Rewriting history, inspiring the future

What is it about?

"You can study the future now." That was the headline when the first course of study, the Master of Future Design, came to Kronach. The students do not learn in classic lectures. They design the future using real projects that come from local partners or from the students themselves. The lecturers and mentors deliver knowledge on demand - so the students learn to spontaneously get involved in new situations, to deal with imponderables, to master challenges, to try things out, to test limits and to push them.

What are the special features?

This question can be answered with one word: people. Because this degree program brings together very different people in a variety of ways. People who want to think digitization further, develop new business models and understand disruption as an opportunity for change. The students? From young bachelor graduates to retirees, from the managing director of a medium-sized company to lawyers and professors (yes, there really are professors among the students). And then there are the professors of the master's program, the project partners and mentors. They all have one goal in common: to make the future a little bit better, together and at eye level.

Why does this degree program exist at LCC?

ZukunftsDesign is not only dedicated to the future of companies and society, but also to the future of teaching. At LCC, studying and learning can be rethought and tried out, independent of existing teaching conventions. At the same time, there are many family-owned companies in the Kronach district that put their heart and soul into the diverse student practical projects. ZukunftsDesign in Kronach - simply a win-win-win situation for Coburg University of Applied Sciences, the students, the companies and the Kronach district.

Is this the right course of study for me?

You also accept surprising challenges, are curious about new people and love projects? You have already completed a course of study and would like to continue learning alongside your job, to make yourself fit for the future? If you are still interested in agile working methods, then our invitation goes directly to you. And the very best comes at the end: This study program is free of charge for students.

Quickinfo study program

Degree: Master of Arts
Duration of studies: 5 semesters
Start of studies: summer and winter semester
Teaching concept: project-centered and practice-oriented studies
Type: part-time (attendance units on weekends)
Coburg University of Applied Sciences

A course of study that:

You can find detailed information and the possibility to apply online for ZukunftsDesign on the website of Coburg University of Applied Sciences.


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